Hi there! My name is Jasper and I’m what you would call a hiking enthusiast. I created Hikeheaven to share experiences, research, tips, tricks and recommend products – or simply to help other hikers.


I was born – and am still living – in Belgium. It has been quite a few years since I got hit by the hiking virus and I have been very passionate about it ever since. I have mainly been hiking in Europe, especially Eastern Europe has become one of my favourite places for hiking trips.

Throughout the years I have been hiking in France, Romania, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Georgia, Italy, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Luxembourg…

When I was preparing for my first real hiking trip I soon realized that hiking is actually a pretty expensive hobby. If you have no gear to start with and you have to buy everything yourself you can easily spend a couple thousand euros.

I wanted to avoid spending that much, so I did hours and hours of research, trying to find the best budget hiking gear I could possibly find. Some of my budget picks were great – some of them were terrible. After a while I decided, why not share my findings with the world?

Throughout the years I have been upgrading my gear bit by bit, spending “only” a couple hundred euros before every annual hiking trip.

However, Hikeheaven is not only about gear, it’s also about answering common hiking/backpacking questions and about trail descriptions/recommendations.

Almost all the articles on the website are written and edited by me, but I had some help from various people with a few of the articles.

If you have any questions about anything related to this website – or even about anything hiking related – feel free to get in touch: info.hikeheaven@gmail.com.